Friends of Desborough Island is a group of residents and supporters who want to keep Desborough Island a beautiful open space the public can enjoy.

The group was re-formed in 2014, after being dormant for some years, as the local community became aware of a number of potential threats to this lovely place.

As Graham Winton, former Elmbridge Borough Councillor for Weybridge North, wrote in 2005:
“Desborough Island is a jewel of open space largely undiscovered by Weybridge.  The island was formed in 1930’s by the cutting of the Desborough Channel to improve the flow of the Thames. It covers 45 hectares of which 14 hectares is open space. It is a site of nature conservation importance and has been looked after by Elmbridge’s commons management team. The island has many owners:  The North Surrey Water company, University Vandals Rugby Club, The Environment Agency, Surrey County and Elmbridge Borough Councils.

The council has been encouraged to carry out some maintenance works over the years and the paths and hedges are now in reasonable state but more needs to be done to show it in its true glory. It is too precious a place to leave in such a state. What we need is action from all those interested in the area. “